Training Tutorials

How to do Kung Fu for Beginners

1: Warming Up As per any other sports or Martial Arts, all training and practices begin with warming up the body. Warming up your body helps to reduce injuries and post Kung Fu training cramps. It also aids in making your Kung Fu trainings more efficient and effective.

Kung Fu warm up exercises should always cover the whole body, usually beginning from the head and neck (upper body), shoulders, arms, running through the waist (mid body section) legs, ankle rotations and then usually ending off with a slow jog to warm up your body muscles, making stretching ( the next step of how to do Kung Fu for beginners) easier with lesser chances of sustaining injuries.

Learn the names of fists and kicks in Chinese

基本 腿 型 – Basic Leg Kicks

       正 腿 – Zheng Tui (Front Kick)

        弹腿 – Tan Tui (Spring Kick)

        侧 腿 – Ce Tui (Side Kick)

       正 蹬腿 – Deng Zheng Tui (Front Push Kick)

        里 合 腿 – Li He Tui (Inner Crescent)