international guests

Welcome our International Guest!

Our Services to you!!

1.  We shall direct you to the best hotels to ensure  the best safety of you for shelters from the day you reach to the day when you’ll leave after completing your training.

2. We shall provide certificate of Shaolin Temple Tanzania so that to be recognized by the International Association as the legal member of Kung fu.

3. You will be given the ID (Identity Card) during the training which will make you identified by other members in such a way that we will be responsible for any inconveniences you will be suffered from and we will be responsible to provide any support to you.

4. We shall do some tours in some Tanzanian natural resources in some week ends such as Kilimanjaro mountain (The tallest stand alone mountain in Africa), Serengeti national park (The biggest national park in Africa), Mikumi national park, Olduvai Gorge (The area where the first human being skull was discovered) as part of refreshment.

NB: The costs for item no.4 will be outside of your training fees.

Training Costs

1. Registration form to be filled at arrival – $20

2.  Training Uniforms (full) – $50 

3. Training fees / month – $250


  • Meals and accommodation for the guest are not covered by the above mentioned fees.
  • Initial training period for international guests is at least 3 months