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Group Classes

Shaolin Temple Tanzania provides Kung fu training to all people having different ages and gender from 4 years old kids onwards with all qualities according to their ages regardless of their nationalities. We provide training according to the student's body health so that to ensure our theme of "Kung fu for Health".

Private Classes

Shaolin Temple Tanzania teaches private classes to all people who have not enough day time in different regions. We provide training during the evening and night time daily a week to those who need our services. We are here to help people and we will be there to help you to achieve your goals in Kung fu.

International Guests

Shaolin Temple Tanzania welcomes all people from different countries Worldwide. We register students from different countries and continents to get the flavor of real Kung fu from our instructors with affordable costs. We provide the best hospitality to the guests from different nations. "You are warmly Welcome!!"

About Us

About Us

Shaolin Temple Tanzania is a legal Wushu club registered under Tanzania Wushu Association (T.W.A). Shaolin Temple Tanzania, was founded by Master Mfaume (Co-founder T.W.A) teacher of kung fu in Tanzania, who was trained on Shaolin Kung Fu (traditional kung fu) in China at the level of Diploma, in the only college in the World that illuminates the history of Kung fu, over one thousand and five hundred years ago (1500yrs) not else but the authentic SHAOLIN TEMPLE CHINA.

Our Instructor

Master Mfaume
Master Mfaume
Founder & CEO


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